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Since 1997, Africabiz Online delivered free business opportunities content. It has now moved, in year 2008, a step further and established an exclusive section dedicated to VIP-Members, in addition to the free business opportunities content

Go to the VIP LoungeThe flagship of the VIP-Membership, is a confidential newsletter titled Inside Africa & Insights About Africa, that features (1) a Tenders/Bids's section; (2) a Developing Projects' section; (3) a Download's section, and (4) a Blog that will discuss about political and social events occurring in African countries, exposing the hidden facets of these events in order to give valuable information to investors.

In order to keep spammers at bay, only an annual registration's option equal to US$199.95 a year is available for the VIP Membership.

Indeed, spammers would be willing to pay a small monthly registration fee - $17 - (just once) to have access to the exclusive VIP-Members Lounge, in order to spam, destroy available supporting utilities, and withdraw after creating havoc.

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The annual registration fee is set at US$199.95 a year for VIP-Membership. A small fee considering the quality and substance of information that will be exposed non-stop in the confidential newsletter.

The US$199.95 registration fee a year gives rights to download for FREE an amazing string of productivity tools, marketing utilities and Ebooks - in total more than 51 utilities, which have a global value of US$3,000 - Yes, three thousand US dollar!

The bonuses are already loaded at appropriate links available for registered members. There are four packages (1) (4,4MB); (2) (6MB); (17MB) and (3GB)

Packs 1 and 2 are available right now for download. Pack3 will be available for download on Friday 24, 2008. Pack3 being a huge one (an amazing bundle of outstanding advertising Ebooks, will be make available for download through a download system not yet operational. We cannot afford making it available for download through a link on the server!

VIP-Members are also entitled to have 5 projects and 5 bids/tenders posted for free in the confidential newsletter per registration year.

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[The free access site is benefiting from great quality content since 11 years, the reason thousand and thousand of faithful visitors from all parts of the world flock in day after day to the opportunities's section embedded into the free site - as shown on the visitors' location graphic at the left top side of this paragraph.]

Journalists and observers worldwide were taken aback by the "sudden" downfall of Thabo Mbeki. Indeed, Mbeki, under pressure from the ruling party, the ANC, stepped down from the position of state president of South Africa on September 21, 2008.

Some people blamed the ruling party's dismissal decision as Stanilist, in direct line with former Soviet Union Communist Party Politburo's practices. Others say that the removal decision was undemocratic, because Mbeki had been elected to the position. And now, some observers are talking about the imminent implosion of the ANC, as dissidents are organizing themselves to create their own party.

At Africabiz Online, we have closely watched - from the start - the ferocious power struggle that gripped South Africa for nearly 10 years - from 1999 to 2008. And, we do not agree with analysis that see the downfall of Mbeki as undemocratic. We do not believe either that the ANC will soon implode.

If you hold a VIP-Membership, please login to the confidential newsletter to review our opinion, delivered in a comprehensive dossier, which final article titled: "The End of a Nascent Dictatorship" clearly exposes why we think that the downfall of Mbeki is the best political event that happened for the whole continent at the beginning of the new millennium. If you hold a VIP Membership go to the VIP-Lounge

Currently there are 7 projects listed on the promotion board. The one about cars, buses, and pick-ups assembly lines would make cars and buses less expensive in countries where the joint-venture would be implemented. The project concerning palm-oil agribusiness merits a special mention, as it addresses food staples needs that are short right now in African countries. There is a huge market in the ecowas region.

There are also some tremendous tenders listed such as the construction of a new airport in the capital city of a central African region's country.

A Liberian Lumber Corporation established under the Business Corporation Act 1976 of Liberia is searching for technical partner/investor(s) and financing to expand activities worldwide. Contact Dr. Quenum & Associates through your VIP- support console if interested in this venture and have access to the Executive Summary Opportunities abound in African countries to produce food staples for a ready market of more than 400 million people around the black continent. Such an opportunity is the processing of palm three nuts/kernels into edible palm oil and palm kernels industrial oil - in a Western African country. Click here for more

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We hereby heartedly thank the score of people who sign-up to become VIP-Members, far in advance, that is before the VIP-Lounge site and the confidential newsletter site were fully completed.

That had been a tremendous encouragement to the site and confidential newsletter's building teams. The list of these people will be preserved in archive and they will, doubtless, hear from us some time in the near future!


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