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ISSUE 142 - VOL 2
January 15 - April 14, 2016

Dr. Bienvenu-Magloire Quenum
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Welcome to the quarterly issue of Africabiz Online /free access Synopsis & RSS Feed edition. Previous issue available at this link

The introduction to this issue is available at this link.

2016's Presidential Election in Benin/Dahomey: What is at Stake?

By Dr. Bienvenu-Magloire Quenum

Note: To Benin, the official name of the Republic of Benin, since 1975, had been added Dahomey, the historic name of the country since 1898 - after the conquest of the territory by French troops, till the independence "granted" by France on August 1, 1960. The name Dahomey had been changed to Benin, in 1975, by a stroke of pen, by the then head of State - Mathieu Kérékou. Till today, there is a confusion in the mind of most of the people this writer had met over years, all around the world, with Benin/Benin-City located in Nigeria. However, each time he indicates the historic name, Dahomey, the confusion is eliminated.

Africabiz Online extensively covered [1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6]the destruction and destabilization of Libya in 2011 by Nato's member states because the onslaught against a sovereign African country, was an eye opener on the fact that some people in old Europe and America do not want the development of Africa.

And that all pledge to assist African countries are just bluff. The eyes of Africans who are utterly blind not to see the evidence can now understand that Europe/ G8 Will Never Deliver. Now African rulers know (or should know) what is at stake.

In a article titled, The Challenge Faced By African Nations Following the 2011's Invasion of Libya, here available, we wrote the following, in quotes:

"... the Libya crisis revealed to Africans who were in the dark (so to speak) what Gaddafi was planning for Africa: the financial and economic independence of the continent. Click here for more

Key African resources by country

1-Diamonds: Botswana 35%; Congo 34%; South Africa 17%; Angola, 8%.
2-Gold: South Africa 56%; Ghana, 13%; Tanzania, 10%; and Mali, 8%.
3-Platinum/Palladium:[79] South Africa 97%/96%.
4-Cobalt: DR Congo 83%, Zambia 14%. Uranium: Namibia 46%; Niger 44%; South Africa less than 10%.
5-Bauxite (for Aluminum): Guinea 95%; Ghana 5%.
6-Aluminum: South Africa 48%;
Mozambique 32%; Egypt 14%.
7-Steel: South Africa 54%; Egypt 32%;
Libya 7%; Algeria 6%.
8-Copper (mine/refined): Zambia 65%/77%; South Africa 15%/19%; Congo 13%/0%; Egypt 0%/3%.
9-Coal: South Africa 99%.

... Under the apparent current status quo, nations of the world are feverishly organizing themselves to put an end to the existing predatory financial system.

.. Everything as we know it now would be rebooted - the economy, politics, the financial system, the way of thinking the developing of the humanity, and the inter-relations between the peoples of the world would change!

... The supremacists, from all the peoples of the world (they are not only from white people) are fighting a rearguard battle that they cannot win!

...Would the new system be based on a global single currency? Certainly not. Countries like China, Japan, and Russia, in particular, will not accept a single global currency.

So, it is likely that national and regional currencies will continue to exist, backed by real assets such as Gold - and other natural resources.

That is where African nations have good trump cards to play. They are endowed with huge natural resources as exposed on the yellow colored table above outlined, which does not list oil production. That production represents about 12% of the world output. Approximately one half of that is produced in north Africa, which has preferential trade agreements with Europe. The sub-Saharan oil producers rank as follows: 1- Nigeria; 2-Angola; 3-Sudan; 4-Equatorial Guinea; 5-Congo-Brazzavile; 6- Chad. And other minor producers. [Source]

As said, all these natural resources represent tremendous assets for the African nations to setup (1) An African Monetary Funds; (2) An African Investment Bank (3) The African Central/ Reserve Bank, to back up African national and regional currencies, to bringing Gadaffi's dream to reality, and checkmate the supremacists." [End of quotation from, The Chalenge Faced by African Nations After the Downfall of Gaddafi.]

- The European Countries Elite Are Ready For a Fight to Preserve Their Supremacy!

To achieve what has been briefly exposed above, the creation of African country regional currencies, Africans decision-makers should, however, keep in mind that there are people in old developed countries, the elite, that do not want things to evolve that way, that is Africa to acquire financial independence.

We Africans battled in the twentieh century for a so-called political independence. Now is the time for the economy, the right to have strong African currencies! It is a battle that would be fierce, full of tricks and sharp practices from the elite of Europe and America to infiltrate and derail the quest for the financial independence of Africa.

For, these people, the elite of Europe, are more enclined to adhere to the "white" people supremacist doctrine devised by Dr. Lothrop Stoddard in a book written in 1920, The Rising Tide of Color against White World Supremacy, warning the “white” of the coming powerful development of the non-”white”, and of the “white” coming loss of rank.

To sum up, Dr. Lothrop Stoddard advised the European elite and governments, to act vigilantly to impede the economic rise of non-"white" nations, in order to avoid the inevitable decline of white people nations, as these do not have enough energy and natural resources, while the formers are plentifully endowed.

That doctrine of white-supremacy at all costs, based on the fear that the rise to better living standard of non-"white" people of the world would be a threat to the white supremacy, is the backdrop to the strategy implemented by the European elite all over territories they invaded and conquered, politically and economically enslaved - in Africa, Asia, and the Americas.

The apprehension expressed by Dr. Lothrop Stoddard in his book as above briefly exposed, is now a vivid political and economic reality since 1990's, that sees the economic situation of western European countries worsened, as unemployement rate persistently remaining above 10% of the available working force; and growth rate flat around .06-.01% year in year out.

The worsening of the situation becoming acute since the financial crisis of 2008 and now accelerating at full gear since 2010.

Indeed, since 2008-10, the old industrialized countries are confronted to a ferocious competitor, China, which had made extraordinary economic (and political) inroad worldwide and particularly in African counties - exchanging developing projects against stakes in the development of natural resources. Please take note that, before the onslaught on Libya, Gaddafi had signed an Agreement with China to developped the untapped Libyan oil reserves coveted by western countries oil companies.

Furthermore, Gaddafi was planning to assist the black continent reaching financial independence through the setup of:

(1) An African Monetary Funds, with an initial equity level of US$42billions - to be established in Yaounde, Cameroon;

(2) An African Investment Bank, with headquarters in Syrte, Libya (which explains why Syrte had been destroyed to rubble - as here pictured); and finally

(3) The African Central/ Reserve Bank, with headquarters in Abudja, Nigeria.

That was too much for the white supremacists/European elite, who consider the African continent, that is next door to Europe, and under Europe tutelage for the past five centuries, as a "chasse gardée" - a private hunting territory.

They cannot imagine the continent breaking free from western countries's political and economic dominance. So they decided it was time to get rid of Gaddafi.

And during year 2010, the PsyOps agencies in Washington DC, London, Paris, Brussels and Berlin accelerated plans to topple Gaddafi's Jamahiriya regime.

They succeeded, beginning of 2011, rounding up a ragtag of so-called rebels groups, that started the civil unrest in Libya from the city of Benghazi to finally topling the Jamahariya regime in November 2011.

In short, these old western Europe countries, that were the powers of the day, are now lumbering about behind emerging countries and desperately need to find a way to recover the influencial economic and political power they exercised over past five centuries. And they have their eyes set on Africa, ready to do anything to keep it under their dominance.

In this year 2016, after destroying Libya, they now declared the country a failed state, to be protected from Daesh/ISIS/ISIL/Islamic State, which according to the mainstream media is now in Libya - numbering around 5,000. [One has to ask this simple question, How did they get there? Strange isn't, when it is a well known fact that ISIS/ISIL/IS is a covert C.I.A. and Mossad intelligence operation]

In short, Libya being now a failed state, Nato's member countries are preparing to send armed expeditions to fix it. According to the Daily Mirror, 1,000 SAS (UK's Special Forces) are already on the ground in Libya, to be join soon by Special Forces from the United States of America, Italy and France to have in total 6,000 boots on ground.

So you see, western/Nato countries (having lost the proxy war in Syria, and the flux of stolen oil from Syria driying up - due diligence to the Russian Federation intervention in said country since September 30, 2015), are taking the necessary steps to "secure" Libyan oil fields!

In addition to all said above about the desperation of Western nations/Nato's member states to regain political and financial clout and rejuvanate/rekiddle their ailling economy, let us notice that Hillary Clinton's declassified mails proved that Nato destroy Libya in 2011 to stop Gadaffi creating a Gold-backed currency.

These declassified emails now stand as proof the French-led NATO military initiative in Libya was driven not only by a desire to gain access to a greater share of Libyan oil production, but also to undermine a long term plan by Gaddafi to supplant France as the dominant power in the Francophone Africa region.

As exposed by Jay Syrmopoulos — Activist Post Jan 14, 2016, an April 2011 email, sent to the Secretary of State Hillary Clinton by unofficial adviser and longtime Clinton confidante Sidney Blumenthal with the subject line “France’s client and Qaddafi’s gold,” reveals predatory Western intentions.

The Foreign Policy Journal reporting the following in quotes: "The email identifies French President Nicholas Sarkozy as leading the attack on Libya with five specific purposes in mind: to obtain Libyan oil, ensure French influence in the region, increase Sarkozy’s reputation domestically, assert French military power, and to prevent Gaddafi’s influence in what is considered “Francophone Africa.” Most astounding is the lengthy section delineating the huge threat that Gaddafi’s gold and silver reserves, estimated at “143 tons of gold, and a similar amount in silver,” posed to the French franc (CFA) circulating as a prime African currency."

Which brings us to fully discuss the core of this delivery: The political situation in Benin/Dahomey, where a presidential ballot is scheduled (in principle) for February 28, 2016, to elect a successor to the current president Yayi Boni.

- 2016's Presidential Election in Benin/Dahomey: The Beginning of the Battle to Get Rid of the FCFA

Amongst the candidates listed for the ballot is, a bi-national Benenese-French citizen, Lionel Zinsou; aged 62, from a respected Benenese/Dahomian family. His uncle, Emile Derlin Zinsou had been president of Dahomey from July 17, 1968 until December, 10 1969.

Lionel Zinsou is a reputed scholar and French politician who have served as counsellor and writter for Laurent Fabius, the current French foreign minister when he was the prime minister under president François Mitterand - from July 1984 to March 1986.

Nowadays, Lionel Zinsou is the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of PAI - partners, one of the largest and oldest French Investment Group.

As exposed on the link/webpage above, Lionel Zinsou spent all his carreer in France and is well introduced with the elite of that country.

On June 18, 2015 he had been suddenly appointed prime minister by president Yayi Boni. And on November 24, 2015 had been chosen as the unique candidate for the presidential ballot scheduled for February 28, 2016 - to represent the ruling party, Forces Cauris Pour Un Benin Emergent - FCBE - Cowrie Forces For The Emergence of Benin.

And finally on January 15, 2016 he officially declared his candidacy after securing the backing of two power brokers, the president of the Party for the Renewal of Democracy - PRD, Mr. Adrien Houghedji, and the president of the Renaissance of Benin - RB, Mister Lehady Soglo.

As you can see, Lionel Zinsou bulldozed his way on the political stage of Benin/Dahomey.

However, his fulgurant introduction/intrusion into the political landscape of Benin/Dahomey raised eyebrows, not only within the circles of Benenese/Dahomian politicians, but also within the majority of the population who are suspicious about his credentials to run the country.

- Lionel Is Perceived as Intruder/Foreigner/Opportunist and Political Mercenary

Yes, in spite of being a bi-national, Lionel Zinsou is perceived by the majority of the population as an intruder, a foreigner, an opportunist ready to take it easy with the rules; a mercenary politician agent in mission to advance the agenda of France's elite in particular and European/American ones in general - on the political stage of Benin/Dahomey and in Africa as a whole.

First of all, his designation as the sole and unique representative of the ruling party FCBE for the presidential ballot had not been made according to the regulatory text of the party - which is a conglomerate of 82 small parties/entities. None of these had been consulted in conformity with the regulatory text, and no formal vote had been cast for his designation.

His designation had been made during a hastly summoned mid-night gathering at the presidential palace, without no ballot cast. Only few selects of the ruling party spoke and many many were not invited to the gathering. As expressed by the deputy prime minister - one of the attendants, Lionel Zinsou had been chosen/designated by president Yayi Boni.

Second, Lionel Zinsou has free access (exactly as Yayi Boni himself) to the state run radio brocasting system and to the television which access is blocked/denied to the opposition. In short, he is making plenty use of states means without restriction.

Third, his alliance with Mr. Hougbedji and Lehady Soglo's parties had been sealed without any consultation with said parties's militants. (Mr. Hougbedji is promising to convoque a congress to explain his choice to the militants.) In short, only the chiefs decided, raising the suspiscion of bribery. Further, the annoucement of the alliance had been made by Lionel Zinsou, not the parties concerned and no governing/program/platform had been released to the media.

Fourth, Lionel Zinsou is benefiting from a heavy support from French Foreign Broadcast Network, and the BBC, which make people see him as an agent/candidate of France and Europe.

Further, he is a staunch defender of CFA Franc, which many African scholars and decision makers believe is a handicap for the economic development of French speaking African countries.

And five, he is seen as an opportunist, not speaking a single native language of the country he wishes to rule. He has over years, sporadically stayed/visited Benin/Dahomey; never voted in a national ballot or being an active member of any party in the country - not even in the ruling party - FCBE.

In short, Beneneses/Dahomians are not pleased by the way Lionel Zinsou bulldozed his way on the national political stage under the patronage of Yayi Boni who had led the country from April 6, 2006, stole the presidential ballot of 2011 as here extensively exposed, and had a calamitous governing record marked by a string of financial scandals.

Calamitous indeed. Yayi Boni, during 10 years turned upside down everything he touches. Declaring once, I will burn down this country if I do not have my way! Or, I'll bring my people (from the northern part of the country) to fight against you southeners! You speak of Emperor Nero?

He tried everything possible, from bribery to naked intimidation of the members of parliament, to change the Constitution to securing a third mandate - to no avail. And now, to cover his back after his departure from power on April 6, 2016, he brought in Lionel Zinsou.

The presidency of Yayi Boni has been a catastophe for Benin/Dahomey. He failled to deliver during his first mandate; and the second one to be terminated on April 06, 2016 is already a complete mess up. In short, Yayi Boni governance over 10 years led to political and economic regression full of financial scandals! He favored European businesspeople against his own countrymen, who are tracked down, hunted and ruined. Now he brusquely introduce a mercenary politician to rule the country. A shameless apatride? For sure!

That is the man Lionel Zinsou chose as coach. And the behaviour of Lionel Zinsou since appointed prime minister by Yayi Boni does not reassure the populations.

He had not condemned any wrong doing that occurred under the leadership of Yayi Boni (rigged civil servants's examinations, a ponzi scheme financial scandal which scammers have obvious connection with the government) that ruined people who emptied their meager savings into the hoax/scheme - believing that it was sponsored by the government; corruption/money swindling by a minister who evaporates million of financial aids provided by foreign government. Etc.) Note that the ministry who stole the money as just stated is an active member of Lionel Zinsou's campaign's team.

And more chocking, he, Lionel Zinsou, is confortable using without restraint state's means to campaign. Beneneses/Dahomians are uneasy and rightly so, as they think that Lionel Zinsou would be the continuation of the bad governing experience carried out by Yayi Boni over 10 years. He himself, Lionel Zinsou declared the day he made public his candidacy, "I'll be putting my steps into the path laid by president Yayi Boni."

So, the Beneneses/Dahomians are worried. They have already been bamboozled by Yayi Boni who had hidden his wolfish character to sneak into the presidency. He was the perfect hypocrite. Lionel Zinsou is more frank declaring, I'll be putting my steps into the path laid down by president Yayi Boni. It is on the Internet - in French language. Beneneses/Dahomians are at least warned.

- Could Lionel Zinsou Win The Presidential Ballot?

Obviously Lionel Zinsou has the wherewithal to finance his bid to become the president of Benin/Dahomey. However, would money alone be enough to propel him as head of state? That is the question.

Buying heads of parties and throwing away tumbrels of money to traditional chiefs and cohorts, is not in Benin/Dahomey a recipe to obtain supporting votes. The son of Yayi Boni can testify to that who failed to get elected as member of parliament in April 2015, after throwing away huge amount of cash. People took the money and vote for the competition.

The plan behind the alliance with Adrien Houghédji and Léhady Soglo is that the addition of the voting powers of their respective party, based on previous ballots (around 23% and 8%) added to the pool of FCBE (around 35%) would make a comfortable majority to win the ballot straight away at the first leg of the election, gaining a majority above 50% of cast ballots, reediting the KO claimed by Yayi Boni after the strange 2011's presidential ballot.

We at Africabiz Online do not believe that this would happen again, as the FCBE have dissidents candidates challenging Lionel Zinsou designation as the sole and unique candidate - about 15, who have strong followers base in their respective constituency. And as for Lehady Soglo's RB, his own parents, founders of the party Renaisssance of Benin, are against the alliance and ready to fight against it; their voices would prevail with the militants.

Further, there is, at the date of this writing on January 16, 2016, 45 listed candidates, awaiting the screening of the Constitutional court; therefore, no candidate would be in the position to obtain a majority of the vote after the first leg. Unless there is vote rigging.

Vote rigging, however, would be difficult to stage, as several listed candidates are organizing themselves, pooling resources together to have a total control over the voting booths all over the country. The whole Benin/Dahomey is on high alert and vigilant.

And if not elected right away at the first leg, Lionel Zinsou would find it very difficult to get elected during the second leg, as all the other candidates would gang together to vote for the one amongst them who is qualified for the second leg.

So, that is the current political situation in Benin/Dahomey: The sudden intrusion of a candidate obviously on mission to seize the highest state power - the presidency, to infiltrate the decision making process of African countries and carry out the agenda of foreigners elite; to defend and protect the existence of CFA Franc, working hard to block, delay and sabotage the planned creation of a unique monetary currency for the whole ECOWAS region for 2020; and assisting western countries' elite prolong the control of Africa's development process. Imagine Lionel Zinsou elected president of the African Union! The enemy within the gate!

Would the plot succeed? The near future would tell. However, Africans are aware. We are no more in 1845 when the infamous Berlin Conference decided about Africa, without Africans knowing anything about it.

In 2011, the Libyans did not see the vultures coming to raid the country. The enemy, however, was already within the gate and they did not see. They thought it impossible that such a calamity would be occurring in the 21rst century! Click the following link for an excellent article by Dan Glazebrook — Counter Punch Nov 12, 2014, which explained how the Libyan leadership had been screwed, even if Gaddafi himself was awake.

Now we know, in advance, what plot is brewing in Benin/Dahomey with the introduction of Lionel Zinsou on the political stage, to bid for the highest decision making position: the presidency; to infiltrate African countries decision making process, to delay and sabotage the quest for economic and financial independence. Nigeria beware! Nigerians decision makers in particular should wake up! The battle does not concern Benin/Dahomey alone!

Click this link to read this complementary article issued after the fall of Gaddafi," and be warned!

About the management of this Blog: Dr. Bienvenu-Magloire Quenum is the principal/ managing director of Dr. Quenum & Associates, IBC; an experienced Investment & Business Planner with 30 years consulting practice in African countries; author of Africans, Stop Being Poor! and the editor in chief of Africabiz Online

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  Dr. B.M. Quenum
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