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ISSUE 139 - VOL 2
April 15 - July 14, 2015

Dr. Bienvenu-Magloire Quenum
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Welcome to the quarterly issue of Africabiz Online /free access Synopsis & RSS Feed edition. Previous issue available at this link

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The Debasement of the Petrodollar Is At Full Gear.

By Guest Authors: Jim Willie and Rick Wiles

This delivery by guest authors Dr. Jim Willie and Rick Wiles is the continuation of the one available here, in which Africabiz Online exposed why the setup of the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, is the adequate structure, to assisting China and the Brics nations grabbing the political and financial power from western countries.

Guest Author Jim Willie, of - interviewed by Rick Wiles of, explains what is currently going on behind the veil - unreported by the corporate media; either by lack of intel or purposely in order to hide the fact that western nations have lost the political and financial battle to control the governance of the emerging new world.

- King Dollar Is Floating Dead, Says Jim Willie!

Blunt isn't? To know why Dr. Willie is stating that, listen to the stream available at this link, and judge by yourself.

Below listed are the topics discussed by Dr. Jim Willie and Rick Wiles on April 8, 2015.

- The persistent denial mentality (of western countries' elite) on accepting the west systemic breakdown,
- The progress on the global paradigm shift towards Eastern power-centers,
- The rise and replacement of the US Dollar by another reserve currency system,
- The financial insolvency of major western banks,
- The ruse of bank bail-ins and the real Cyprus financial crisis' story,
- The pension funds wreckage/looting in the United States (and Japan),
- The stampede of western nations to join the Chinese-led Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank,
- The bewilderment to see the United Kingdom (a former staunch U.S.' ally) leads the stampede,
- The forthcoming BRICS Parliament,
- The Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) to become a counter-balance to NATO,
- The new Chinese alternative banking transaction system to compete with SWIFT,
- The forthcoming merging of Russian financial transaction system with the Chinese one,
- The real activity of Russian President Putin during those ten days he went missing in March 2015,
- The plans to create a joint Rating Agency by Russia and China, to compete with the ones in the West,
- The upcoming Russian new military bases in Nicaragua and Cuba.

And so on. In brief, in this awesome interview, Dr. Willie confirms predictions he made exactly one year ago, here discussed and exposed by Africabiz Online. That is, a global financial and geopolitical reset is underway right now and racing towards its finality: The Debasement of the petrodollar system, and the shift of financial and political power from the West to the East.

This trend is unreported in its full significance by western corporate media and government economic agencies. In the contrary, they are, through doctored stats and twisted news, propagating the illusory that the dollar is strengthening against major currencies of the world.

Dr. Willie explains why the current apparent "rising" of the dollar is illusory. He is adamant the dollar is already dead. We are only witnessing its phantom running around trying to make believe...

Dr. Willie gave a trigger point that would assist people understand for sure that the Dollar's death announcement is imminent.

He explains that when we see Quantitative Easing and Bail-ins start happening again, this means the dollar has definitely lost the reserve currency status and has been replaced by another financial system reserve currency - backed by gold.

Dr. Willie refers to this trigger event as the “death event,” using a gruesome analogy of how a dead body will rise in the water to describe what we are seeing happening right now to the dollar, stating the “king Dollar is floating.”

Dr. Willie also made some startling predictions. He believes the debt clock has stopped registering because the U.S. has already defaulted.

He predicts that China will take control of the gold market and determine the price of gold according to supply - destroying the gold derivative market in place at London stock-exchange. Which means the pricing of Gold would rise, and the dollar would spiral downward at high speed.

He insists we are witnessing the fall of the US economic system with the rise of the BRICS nations and their resulting institutions that will compete with - and finally supersede, the existent ones ruled by the western nations: the UN, NATO, the IMF, the World Bank, and Federal Reserve as also explained here by Africabiz Online at the beginning of this delivery.

If you are a decision-maker you should listen to the interview.

And in the dying 90 seconds of the interview, he is adamant that there would be no nuclear war. The rulers (visible and invisible) of the current predatory financial and geopolitics system tried everything they could to start a nuclear war.

According to Dr. Willie, they failed. Let's us hope that he is right.

Several other political and financial analysts have the same opinion as Dr. Willie. One of them is Bill Holter who, in this YouTube stream, demonstrates that nations of the world are actively preparing to ditch the dollar.

Sources: and

About the management of this Blog: Dr. Bienvenu-Magloire Quenum is the principal/ managing director of Dr. Quenum & Associates, IBC; an experienced Investment & Business Planner with 30 years consulting practice in African countries; author of Africans, Stop Being Poor! and the editor in chief of Africabiz Online

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  Dr. B.M. Quenum
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