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ISSUE 135 - VOL 2
April 15 - July 14, 2014

Dr. Bienvenu-Magloire Quenum
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The Global Reset is Here Now! Time for African Nations to Flock With the BRICS

By Dr. Bienvenu-Magloire Quenum

As exposed at the beginning of this article, the global geostrategic change that started in 2008 with the setup of the BRICS - block of countries that refuse to bow down to the almighty petrodollar - the cornerstone of the US supremacy in world affairs, had accelerated with the eruption of the Ukraine crisis.

Indeed, the Ukraine crisis (starting from February 2014) would be seen in the near future of about 10 years as the geopolitical event that profoundly changed the way the world had been governed till 2014. It would have a huge impact on world politics and economy. Doubtless, the death knell is ringing for the existing financial and economic order that prevailed till 2014. As, even the blind are witnessing the looming demise of the almighty petrodollar system established in the early 1970's - extensively exposed at the beginning of this delivery.

Africabiz Online issued several deliveries about the necessity to setup a new financial system in replacement of the one that ruled till this year 2014 [a, b, c, d, e, f, g] and created havoc in the economy of African nations, leading to savage privatization and selling of state-owned assets (harbors, energy and utilities), to foreign interests - at bargaining prices. Followed by dreadful Structural Adjustment Programs during the 1980's, that do not yield any positive economic growth (above the 10% threshold - necessary for a take-off,) to assist lifting targeted African nations from the poverty league.

It is a common knowledge amongst African decision-makers that the persistence of the existing predatory financial system is a major hindrance to fully develop their countries - taking into account national conditions. They have been told - in the 1980's, that There Is No Alternative (T.I.N.A.) by the powers of the day. Do as we tell you, or get stuck! Liberalize your economy, that is sell your assets to us or ....

Then come China with alternative proposals that permit African nations to start escaping TINA - bit by bit, but still under the cutthroat rules of the existing predatory financial system.

- Now With the Ukraine Crisis Come the Right Time to Really Escape T.I.N.A.

The February 2014 coup in Ukraine sponsored by the US and allies [1, 2] to put into power a pro-western regime is a heaven gift for emerging nations to finally escape T.I.N.A.

Indeed, the aftermath of the coup put the sponsors in a really bad shape, as it gives the opportunity to one of BRICS member states, that is The Federation of Russia, to counter attack; and first take back Crimea peninsula (March 2014), and, second start taking necessary political and economic measures to demise the petrodollar. For more on this please read the introduction to this delivery.

- Time to Ride the Tide With the BRICS and Think About Promoting Free Energy

Emerging nations in general, and African nations in particular now have a real opportunity to escape the dreadful financial juggernaut established by the dying financial system - since mid 1970's, with the concept of the petrodollar.

To do so, they need to flock into the BRICS organization to benefit from the financial and economic powerhouse in the making.

The Ukraine crisis aftermath concerns also the problem of energy production.

African nations are currently struggling to generate power. All over the Black Continent, electricity production lags consumption for almost 50% of the demand - and power shortage is common occurrence even in South Africa. This is a huge hindrance for a sound economic development program. Production are hampered, and development schemes not reaching full gear to turn around the economy.

Now, with the looming demise of the petrodollar, it's time to think about how to promote free energy to boost production at all levels - be it individually with craftsmen, or industrialists.

Imagine each village, each carpenter, house builders and small business entrepreneurs having access to free energy, to power houses, to power agricultural engines and businesses. This is no more a dream.

Free energy systems are now really free to grab for the people. This is an opportunity not to be missed by African nations. The following link features score of posts to an OPEN SOURCE free energy system (Quantum Energy Generator) that would revolutionize power generation in the very near future of two years maximum! You can download the blue print for free from the posts.

About the management of this Blog: Dr. Bienvenu-Magloire Quenum is the principal/ managing director of Dr. Quenum & Associates, IBC; an experienced Investment & Business Planner with 30 years consulting practice in African countries; author of Africans, Stop Being Poor! and the editor in chief of Africabiz Online

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  Dr. B.M. Quenum
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